Timothy Anderson is my name... but here I’m patient 48, at age of 39, I feel I was born a bit late
I am a Murderer... and maybe the worst one to date
Remember as a kid believing in Monsters, well I’m there in a mental state
I’m a weird Monster in fact, with details like buzzed cut sand paper hair, glasses and a chipped tooth
They say I’m the worse, I rape, Murder eat, but in the end were all animals... and an animal needs to feed
My work reaches countries and worlds of unknown, but now I travel little, current venue is a small white room
I wish I could be normal, but better I don’t, for I love the bloodshed from victims and raping screams and moans.....I love the taste of human flesh, but cant compare to a zombie
and I don’t stay in a graveyard, I find my pray in dark parks, or local lobbies
but again the fun is over.....well that’s what they think
for when my time comes to escape.....we shall continue many more chapters to my little game


Timothy Anderson, a sick man, he does everything your worst nightmare cant do, he is currently locked in a Asylum, sentenced for his crimes, but who says its the end of his work.....surely isn't in timothy s eyes

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Cory Garcia
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