You drink a bitter draught.
I sip the tears your eyes fight to hold
A cup of lees, of henbane steeped in chaff.
Your breast is hot,
Your anger black and cold,
Through evening’s rest, you dream
I hear the moans, you die a thousands’ death.
When cane straps flog the body
dark and lean, you feel the blow,
I hear it in your breath.

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oltre 7 anni

Aloha Maya...
" hear it in your breath"... should we all be so graced by knowledge and wisdom... to feel the understanding load... to walk the roads of Justice, Honour, and Strength... "Organize or Die" my fighters motto chose... the wrights words in these clouds... Please visit if you WILL... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michael.


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