Antilegomena, a direct transliteration from the Greek αντιλεγόμενα, refers to written texts whose authenticity or value is disputed

Exclusion, the reasoned gist, of this nation’s present trends,
revised, reworked, reworded, towards what particular ends;
enticingly so, provision’s rend, unseemingly my thought’s portend,
nonresonant replies to this crude haste, that truth, secrecy prepend.
Importance and what is valid truth, appears to earn no worth,
where written words once applied some proof, the dillies dallied smirk;
neither, nether, needling needs, advanced by domineering corporate jerks,
suggestion’s jest, provides resounding tiff, to amerika’s dullard’s mirth.
Warrants placed, once trusting bets, that each participant did solemnly swear,
initiating this allegiance, of god, country, and family, now thinly veiled veneers;
trusts bygone, a new age sprung, brought forth by the froth of fomenting profiteers,
profound indeed, the implication’s seed, the mass of US, conceded to fascist engineers.
Loss does bleed indifference, no more is war progressed as an ending game,
gains make all the difference, whether or not humanity realizes the awful shames;
books of words work worries wonders, where secrecy imbibes each thought profane,
cooked are the truths of imperialistic ruse, the few coerce the masses, that’s insane!
Historically, when gain was king, the impoverished arose and took off their heads,
asking naught but parity’s bless, enough for each, and for return to Eden’s gifts;
however, truth is apparent and graciously so, only loss will return US from the dead,
soulless few who profit so, must be decimated, before healing our country’s rifts.
Currently, the situation holds, that wicked men and wayward wars yet steer the helm,
from my individual position held, the truth stands tall as does the “mouse that roared”;
these few who seek to hold back the truths, we all know the master of their realm,
bargain not, remove this lot, words written long ago, remind you of the peril or reward.
Michael Darrell Walker


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