Seeking Humanity

your true
self’s armor
a consequence
one uncertainty in
knowing expectantly
a melting, mental image
it of an obsolete expectancy
having wandered, with no other
newcomer’s vision, seeing where the
ascendants are remembered as giants on
the hills, and valleys of this parturient earth
mysteries of; in a strange way to sleeping spirits
continuing to vanish, upon a capitol’s shadowy lawn
if you are able to believe your simpering children will be
redeemed, each of their upbringing’s surfacing curiosity, in a
questioning diatribe and discussing all the opposing theoretical
discourses; in one daze, expressing those made as worthy of being
fleeting moments; the images, in rusted wonderings alive and spoken buried mysteriously, to dwell in the ignorance, reshaped to rest upon the crippled; in the dark, surfacing pulse, by the murdering of the human species profundity exasperates the depths of this journey inward, towards acceptance of self, exposed to truth and honestly appreciating the worth within each mind that we each alone constitute the worth of an entire community, on a universal level… that each soul contains the whole of humanity and that we, are all mixed of each other
there is only one species human and we are nothing, without one
another; do so be the ones, who are forever, and continually seeking humanity

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