Sup-po-sition mag-ni-fies
what prop-o-sition probes;
i-ma-gi-nations clarify
what con-ster-nations close;
re-pu-di-ation se-par-ates
the dig-ni-fied from all mores;
re-mu-ner-ations quan-ti-fied
e-quate to blow fired up your nose.
Pro-cras-ti-nation so-lidf-ies
those pro and con en-twined;
ex-as-per-ation null-if-ies each sense
your clo-sing door to life de-ny;
real-i-za-tion spe-ci-fies your next step
off the dark-est cliff you fly;
ju-bi-la-tion, a fall-ing breaths last gasp
you and this re-al-ity col-lide.
Rep-e-ti-tion, clocks wound tic on
this bout of thought a pi-pers tune;
des-per-ation, which tail to spoon
ques-tions spark a mind’s resume;
jus-ti-fi-ca-tion, to many tales so spun
joy be-ret and laugh-ter is en-tomb-ed;
re-me-di-a-tion, one heal-ing touch
fate for US, the phy-si-cians a buf-foon.
For-ni-ca-tion, an a-mu-sing term
spume of mouth or mind-less word;
in-ter-nal-i-za-tion, an in-breed spawn-ed
chafe the meek, and the wic-ked do per-turb;
ra-tion-a-li-zation, minds pro-ven bent
a clas-sic case of him so posed as her;
sep-a-ra-tion, a fix im-plied
both the thought, and the phrase dis-turb.
Im-mo-la-tion, one fie-ry cure
im-pos-ed on self, by a mobs hot torch;
cru-ci-fix-ion, man’s hit and miss
sin and sin-ner to the bones flesh scorch;
a-ba-lien-ation, a soul’s di-vide
god-ly sigh re-lief, as e-vil-do-ers screech;
ba-star-di-sa-tion, an ev-ery-day act
a fly to stool, you per-use this screed.
Ob-jec-ti-fi-ca-tion, this lem-mas p.a.c.
an i-deal sworn, is li-ving’s pitch;
ca-li-g-ation, mind’s blind-ness earned
thoughts as skin, turn pa-tchy;
de-jer-a-tion, to self and not to word
this works, un-less there is a glitch;
ef-fas-ci-nation, one lives and learns
the purse, a late De-cem-ber putsch.
Michael Darrell Walker


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