Fill Your Temple

Heart fire is fueled by truth not lie,
thus gifts all minds serene;
permutes a consciousness confused,
result a soul of facet sheen;
perverse lapse, irresolute trait,
venal view rebuked by mien;
synteresis returned foremost,
no room for grayish id between.
Expand in consciousness, reprove past view,
embrace cosmolatry;
concordance, life’s dance empirical,
in soul tune inner ballatry;
consensus pleads, relate to all,
firstborn progeny of beatific latry;
coalesce resolve and refute obduracy,
reject bitter barratry.
Panoptic sight,
is found in the core of minds that ideate;
fortitude rekindles ebbing credulity,
thoughts soon elaqueate;
empowering self one’s privilege,
become truth’s malleate;
certitude redemptory proof,
be no partisan to wicked illaqueate.
Asterisms reveal times augury,
in souls and upon firmament;
exemplify divine embrace,
as bosomed is life’s colliquament;
prolific incitation named,
physical being specific sacrament;
regardant shuns a look behind,
rapt of rapture’s delirament.
Precocious each must be,
our best bestowed on us prebirth;
candour freed of callousness,
at birth all know their worth;
anthropical question,
is life poised to rebuild faith’s hearth;
eversion, soul deputes the flesh,
temple filled, aeon enforth.
Michael Darrell Walker

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