Diffusion of Knowledge

calculating natural rights, guarding
against degeneracy, experiencing
the best forms entrusted in time
now so perverted, into tyranny
most effectually so preventing
the illumination in the minds
of all people; to give to them
knowledge of the experience
of other ages, to know ambition
in all its shapes, to now exert natural
powers to defeat generally those wanton
laws administered now by a vile and so wicked
un-American oligarchy; a peculiar felicity recognized
as disgusting and an articulation constantly charged with
interesting gaps, between unequal situations, advocated as
that neo-empire, mired in the dualities of instruction, value, and
skills; once learning the goals, a direct correlation within literacy and
the discernment of safeguarding independence, conjectured as in hand
to hand a key component to its preservation; the merit derived from the
pursuits of knowledge, discipline, efficacy and citizenship; unambiguously
liberating, transforming the equalizer which, is the essential for human
manumission; US, in objective educational schemes to provoke an incapacity
in these conditions, directed proportional to the pursuits of life laboring’s
elementary evidence; of belonging to the foundation; nature endows a
virtue required to qualify pursuits and duties in society, the equalizer
and objectives written are presented information for the transaction
enabling and preserving morals, faculties, and duties to country, with
competence; as rights and justice in the fiduciary and judgment, with
intelligence, placed upon familiarity in how different flexibilities of thought
were reduced and common sense brutalized… to understand conclusions
drawn from the facts and personal experience, a truth’s substance, a
penetration seeing in one’s own personality and experiences; of
gathering a theory confirmed through inquiry, acting on and
generated through, philosophy and freedom; a humane
being above other species limits, of potential penned
all equal in, the unity metaphorically of a natural
possession of reason, implanted in a love of others, an
instinct, irresistibly rising above all endowed pursuits and
reason, in recognition expressed of the common in ordinary
coruscation; reliable and depending upon one’s self learning and
knowledge, believed above all… forming and based upon anything
thought, memory, or original understanding, entirely in a relation to
the meaning that is inclusive within a continuum of life, conforming of
systems and schemes in the ordered dynamic acquisition of wisdom
of civilized skills modelling pursuit of foundations; defined of the
experience of ambition, equivalent to the perspicacity of time
and thought, used to teach visionaries to be comprised in
volumes of principal elements and the bare essentials of that
sought enlightenment… aspired innovative thought focused
on freedom, the central dedication to service, drive, opinion
compatible of the component and successful to ensure on a
broader front; prepared or formed of the ultimate powers
the people, if not enlightened to control discretion with
remedy a common theme that pleads of self-assertion critical
necessary, the opportunity of expression developed not in rhetoric
life as a possessed appetite without function, influence or structure
proposed of higher rising, a cenotaph of such a size to deliver primary man
to the new nature of an experience… opportunity should be about the need
evident of a difference, as opportunity proves the liberating force for all people
essential of a basic laboring learned ultimately with precedence in unanimity achieved
as fact-based, driven by the past perspective understanding of issues solving theories enabling each to pursue premises and objectives in intelligent debates that forces into obscurity, that which is, and those that are, causing the problems of this day and age


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