Crowns and Similes

Inspired by the wordworks of Jim Wallace

frowns and fakes,
smiling snakes;
heartless reprisals,
mindless denials;
thoughtless anguish,
all life’s languish;
say what, what do you hear…
around your fears creep,
right and left, pulled to sleep;
can’t speak, you should,
you are half-baked, you could;
time’s dazed misery,
in your stabbed face dizzying;
say what, what do you hear…
when the fakes are all ousted,
that’s it, go on now, shout it;
pride justified, each liars remorse,
to connect, contact michaelw1two of course;
offering comfort, discourse, and rapport,
for your shipwrecked, train wrecked and what the heck;
say what, what do you hear…
living lives of misery,
lacking respect and chivalry;
come visit me in the cloud,
and you will be freed;
your thoughts, your hearts,
come and commune with me.
Michael Darrell Walker


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