Capturing One's Soul Eyed

Inspired by Jaya Chandran

Within the living ruin
of ghostly shimmering heat,
lays one hunter seeking
that essence of the soul he hunts,
and while in stealth,
of shades captured by lusts want;
a glimpse of her, his haunting prey,
he so benignly sees.
He slowly marks
the sweating charms she drops,
as clues to where,
in this world of ruined loves
she now to runs;
and designs his signs
in rhyming words for her,
to read i, the knowledge
that she seeks
his hunters blade as hers.
For abounding is the lust
in both hunter and hunted,
and guided by the scent
of her quest for more than love;
he moves ever closer
to the source of her wanting nest’
sure in capture blessed,
by his massive bow strung arrow.
At once upon the shadows
of her side he calmly walks,
aware of the danger
in the hunt for one’s passion faux;
across the moments in life,
now lost in the sands of time;
he will bare the costs,
in the capture
of a loved soul eyed.

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