Go on, go on and fall to your knees, and
do not pretend, that you are afraid of
Pleasuring me…
Yes, do go and get your mandrake and light
that black kettles fire…
but, do stay down on your knees
and tell me all of you and who you
really want yourself to be…
all the while, still; and keep pleasuring me
teach me how you smile and sing…
while you are doing the things that you are doing
to mine and yes, keep doing these things…
while you are smiling and giggling and singing; teach me
to hear your singing and teach me of your stinging
as this pleasuring and smiling and laughing and singing
has my ears ringing…
IAM honest in my thought and of my mind as I watch you
watch me as you pleasure mine and what is this?
Are you pleasuring your’ too, as you are pleasuring mine?
That Smell!, Big Time!, Oh Yes!
These are not the words I would use on an everyday basis!
Unless, you bring over all of your girlfriends…
Let US get back to my honest thought and now steaming mind
double down on that now my sweet and you all know just what
IAM saying!!!
Such exquisite design; together the Sward, and the Sward Swallower
swallowing lengths of Sward, and often…
This honesty of thought and mind in these such things
is rare; to both you and I, is this not?
Strange indeed and invisible to most minds and most thought, why?
Because, right now, this moment between your kneel and my oh yea!
It is all and only, about the money!!!
I digress and believe me IAM not going to spoil your fun,
and giggling and laughing and licking your lips and that shaking
of your nude hips… quiver me timbre’!
All inside of all of your luscious whole’…
every one of them!!!
Daze and nice age both of US… and still we are young as youth
allows our thoughts to be then tell me, when these wonders and
all lives will be as true and fair as ours in these moments?
These moments of me being pleasured by you pleasuring
yourself and by you pleasuring me and my spear, so
near to that moment are we?
Allow me to taste the sweetness from your spot umm… what!
hot and honeyed and oh so puffy…
Yea, let me stuff it please oh please let me get to the bottom of
your wet work tool!!!
you know that your sweet tool wants me all the way through too
your wombs door…
and in and out and in and in and in again and again
until you and I prove our mutual fun’ worth and your
loads and loads of brown sugar’ heap onto
My Thor’s Missile hammering home into your’!!!


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