Disproportionate Disparagements Dangers

Fickle frauds, betraying freedom’s friends,
will’s lifelines bend, against these trends;
folks forgot, this lifetime’s highs and lows,
obscured life’s peace, one’s joys rescind;
forego truth’s tease, conflict’s strife, time’s end,
alone trust stands, angst’s wrath begins;
freedom reels, from this inhumane din,
'US’ versus them, battled again.
Resulting caste wars, ruin this world,
what is gained, in contempt’s descent;
turmoil proves food, bloodshed feeds the beasts,
fortune foretells, present presents;
destroyed, humanity’s consciousness’,
class proved least, none alive laments;
society, now eats scarcity,
this Nation’s deep, it’s points dissent.
Future’s gleam, employment’s current dark,
your lives ‘crapped’, by neo-con creeds;
functionality, fused fists to foot,
that picture’s view, hate’s woeful greed;
frivolous deaf pukes, these loathsome ghouls,
their thrills through speech, let ‘them’ all bleed;
futility, that gift to each feed,
stiff’s flesh flambé; just spit the ‘breeds’.
Current phrensy, the nympholept’s gloat,
dazed righty’s torts, blind mullets fleet;
condition’s grim, grimes gathering’s gauche,
course shift, ‘Dicked’ corpse’, Cheney’s crepe streets;
country’s construct cored, guile’s dreadful guise,
corporate ruse, wealth’s theft complete;
craze stiffened thought, eat hog brains, and eggs,
republican roués, wield scorn’s deceit.
Struggling stealth, living’s lonesome roads,
you slide and slop, stride’s grips concede;
stents sure collapse, ends life’s patency,
this ill reflects, social misdeeds;
rectal purge, a body’s vomitus,
that pang you feed, one mind’s impede;
probe’s spume spews lies, time’s lume first seed,
spawned schemes strand lives, thus freeze proceeds.
Remedial fix, remove tale’s dross,
reveal this truth, each lie life’s fall;
rectification, no easy task,
without new trends, all gain so stalls;
factual infix, suggestion’s mime,
thought’s silent mode, wised minds recall;
certainty that suffering commence,
one’s studied read, each psyche enthralls.
Michael Darrell Walker


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