Comprehendo Saecula

Soils blood, imagination’s chagrining;
personalities charge, mind’s ides offend;
ground’s thoughts; life’s loads, an opened subject’s lean;
complexion’s blend, essences’ seed transcends;
land’s body, conscious moods whelp dark thought’s rounds;
those worried, polished, name etched pablum penned;
earth’s spirit; man’s vex, breath spent ere’ time ends;
event’s perplex, this poet’s modest wend.
Cruoris’ craved, forced thinning shapes the yeaned;
curious, one’s imaged façade’s truths’ flaunt;
interfeci, logic’s frailed archaean;
denuding stripes, for quagga’s whites’ account;
trucido, ego’s deeming tawdry queans;
parcase, strutting divas’ stage flight’s exeunt;
nex; thinking’s given towards thought’s morphean;
simply; words works extrude one’s transeunt.
Comprehension, touts living’s thoughted pique;
expanding minds unconsciously filed doubts;
reconfiguring, each innocent’s nous;
discombobulating, frustration’s flout;
logic’s sniff, abhorrence scents, sense planned putsch;
problem’s poise, ideal’s noise, dazed end, time’s mout;
coercion, soothes this nation’s inane mokes;
conscience bleeds contentment’s ever pricy chout.
Darkness, life’s effervescing Aclla burned;
sweetest vassals, raved Viracochas’ stroll;
tender’s morsels, lackey’s portent gnashed;
without light’s gist, the future’s thrill proves droll;
peculiar indeed, Id’s deep thoughts bewailed;
tongue’s fork impales life’s plump upon time’s whole;
praise earned, thorough mind gilting provinces’ sonde;
alas, depth summed equates bardic cajole.
Living’s deeds, contrast irrelevant wants;
thirsting thrills combined, breed irked debutante;
trends, those bled from heart, nature’s wicked flaunt;
soul’s détente, divide’s relent, life’s abrogates;
society’s replete, Rome’s traditions;
inflamed brays, passion’s fleshly advocates;
ends mean, time’s confound, everyone’s genre;
groupuscule, furthest ‘wrights’ assimilate.
Terra Phasmatis, how Ge bleeds indwell;
humanities weight, beast hewn burden sinned;
Hortus mens, rapt thoughts of impart’s thorns;
each soul, that bloody skean which hate affined;
Terra Somes as yours, these sole vessels weak;
numbered end of days, recreation’s bliss’;
Greba Cruor, that spilled no more replaced;
Earth, is lashing’s bond to humankind’s threat.
Supposals posit blithest pecksniffians;
rightly stilled, guileful root stirs academese;
thoroughly, falsehood’s cloak drapes reality;
thoughts divining, that’s what’s bureaucratese;
stifling epiploce constringe ought’s frowst;
battering then bettering officialese;
epiphanies strewing all life’s mysteries;
felicity’s sanctity, an unzipping tweeze.
Pure potions meed, the wordsmythe’s tactile need;
passion’s en passant, thought which resets rhymes;
persuasions such, alight one’s pathway tried;
mind’s thoughtful form, each writer’s wit sublime;
submissions sins, values that word oft rends;
present’s themes, untoward futures’ refine;
sustenance, Id’s plate heaps of ideal’s tide;
weak willed minds refute, that prose proves divine.
Logic’s lock, reveals paths through minds to hands;
summed once, then twice of writes conceived as grand;
resolve, this patience to pierce thought’s respect;
truth’s knowledge tests, each word that one commands;
theretofore, this write so freely bleeding;
sustains that conscience which each work demands;
comprehend fortes’ in one ‘Wrights’ makings;
words understood, surpass this time of man.
Michael Darrell Walker


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