for my friend Thomas Kasena
forgive me for the delays in this post...
Kiswahili rafiq...

Discussion’s free, all welcome in,
brother’s speak, of tales from roads walked long before;
ethical in jest, one’s truth’s test,
others lean in, to share these warrior’s blows;
conversation’s gist; what is real,
beneath, one’s hard beating heart and pumping blood;
reap well, my many worldly friends,
none other than I, attempt this; on my oath.
Rhythm’s sway, smile too cherry sweet,
sound builds hipped beat, sole’s touch beneath ‘her’ hot feet;
crowds gather round, big circle sweep,
together touched, by the music’s wondrous swing;
pleasure first, night’s winds give ‘in-kind’,
forever thirsts, passion’s coupled quest relive;
pleased pace sets in, all night’s strength calls,
dancing’s beauty bares, blood royal’s duties give;
sweetness’ tastes, an image raved,
eye’s lusts relate, the line, size, and sultry shapes;
poured couture, almond honey glazed,
dressed skeins cling to body; I am so amazed;
compassion lifts, this moment’s bright,
woman’s nest, this ‘big snakes’ treasured thought released;
spreads widely so, across dance staged,
wild eyed night’s time flies, as morning’s sky light dins;
brothers’ urge each ray, towards the spotlight’s dim,
laughing openly, at passion’s wile and night sweats pouring rage;
bonding soon plays, it’s game throughout all our minds,
lustfully filled dreams, this soul’s mate swoons upon;
presence tensed, all eyed views returned,
blend colours flesh, into these steps and lust’s embrace;
redeems the thoughts, of this one’s trysts,
passion’s bliss, at once life’s kissed by dancing’s last chance;
morning’s call, the music’s heights passed,
greedy minds so guess, that coupling’s boiled blood renew;
rise up, rise up, towards living’s grace,
mise in place; night’s seared agreement, feeds truth’s life.
Michael Darrell Walker


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