“Damn Nasty Attitudes”

I guess, more or less
that within a single deck of cards exists…
fifty-four standing alone and
different, sets of circumstances
one for each week of each year
plus those Jokers too…
have you, looked closely
at the detail on this pair?
brings to mind a questioning
twang’, w.t.f.!, why is this
art work featured here?
or similarity, or what is singularity
within this deck rests an raie
of potentiality, a blithe reality
in dumbfounding causality…
why in Heaven’s name should
any individual care?
of colour, rank, or status
drawing to what game’s winning number
really? What is in that hand?
the left, or right; or cupped together
as if one were a beggar
begging for their daily alms…
Ah, come on, how smiles don’t frown
do you know that life’s
energies are wasted by
that upside down and twisted
metaphoric analogy to the
tears of each individuals clown…
Drowning Ducks Aflutter Robin!
what apple is this mind bobbing afore?
is it pie or Grandmaw’s fritters
or just one’s inner animalistic self
or a wizard gazing “into the mystic”
Jesting Ju-Ju-Benzos Jesus!
please, do not tease US
or cause US to bleed out
our eyes, ears, and / or noses
Moses! do not posit to US, that we
are not the “bee’s knees”, or
that white “Queen’s” squeeze
or the “juice”, because…
each individual US, has that
hangman’s noose nicely snugged
around our ever softening, pale
white, spineless necks…
What the heck? Is what I
suggest, your neck’ ruddiness
has gone and flown the croupin’ KKK!
or the CaCaPon front nine
round midnight and under a blue full moon!
Tuning forks, ringstones and tunneling machines
of sound or crock does which so carve or grind?
Water’s swilling, nana’ peeling
chocolate dipped bumble bees and
Frangelico with the Cath-o-holic Pope!
or amerikant’ bitch-up on dope
jumping rope in the ease of
walls street’ iniquity’s steppin’
neo-conned touts, such louts
and lowly slug slime trails
of queer bait and caste’ hating
war mongering, profit swilling
“snakes in the grass”, arse
sucking, adolescent plucking want–
to-be politicians for life
drooling miscreants with nada’
choosing cash over humanity
so your spouse and you, can
grovel down into your head
bowed, derriere’ in the aire poses…
smellin’ the butt cracks of your
bosses and flossin’ your teeth
with the short hairs you
lick off of the balls of their…
feet stompin’, flag waving lunatics
slobberin’ epitaphs of white
unity and brown insecurity in
perpetuities nest, you swear
allegiance to diss-ease-i-ness
displeasure bared by fangless shills
bound by the lisps, to capitalism’
only thought of rewarding communism’
rebirth in americant’ politics
an uber’ class buggering your asp’
all the ‘whey’ into their take it all banks!
No “F”in thanks boys! and I
don’t mean Dallas, or D.C.
or Vero Beach, or 10 Downing Street!
Think you poseurs, think!
that “B.R.I.C.K.” is coming at you
like a trillion tonnes o’ shite!
may be tonight, say a few
thousands of yours, will get that reward
 forskinnin’, wining, pukes; that suck asp through
all of your unbeseeming and flaccid lives…
Now, do not go and stick your
heads in that hornet’s nest
do not cry, like a bleating lamb
drink your scrumpy from under
the neighbourhood bar and reflect upon
that tarnished spittoon in the alcove’ corner
do not get your knickers stained
from a self-realized word smythed invocation!
Take a much needed and
necessary “mindset” clearing
vacation, and mull these words
or this proverb-ial, or mantra-bial, or
surah-tri-al; supposed truths or seditions
“your mission, should you choose to accept”
transition, juxtaposition, your
cancer’ remission; reject all
traditions, religions, suspicions
be through with the all of them!
Take hold of my hands, my
sisters and brothers; cleanliness
command as such, make truthfulness
your emotion’s druthers; and remember this…
No one from this planet, however
notable or in knowledge taught
can change the status of one
card drawn in fifty-four or
of two artistically drawn Jokers…
consistently or otherwise
this capacity, was intentionally
omitted from your programmable DNA!


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