Guilt Of The Innocent

inspired by Scott Snitzer

To believe
in the physical fire theory
which led mankind
to a civilizing light
is to trust in more
than an intelligence
cast out from between
his skull divided ears;
and as memorable
as that moment may seem
across the rages of time,
it holds nothing
to the rot and the chunder
currently displayed between
and amongst
the primal minded leaders
of the current day and time.
Blinded by and descending into
the belief in the hatred
of brothers hung in gallows trance
for all humankind to sense;
enticing into its wicked mindedness
all others seeking leave
from the spitefulness of human nature,
to destroy rather than create
and build from the havoc
of civilized minds
that pyre of cosmic knowledge,
the unique universal consciousness,
which is meant to bind again together
the lost in greediness and dispirited souls
of each of us
abandoned and unremembered
by our true Creator Father
for losing the gift of his free will divine.
Guilty are all of humanity;
even the young ones are full
of the fear created
by the senselessness
of the ever frightening
social orders,
taking us all
to the edge
of that darkening abyss.
Michael Darrell Walker
Copyright ©2007 Michael Darrell Walker


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