Inadvertent Incorrectness

Human needs, beyond humankind’s grasp,
an interest sought upon thought’s breech;
consciousness, mind’s ethereal heights,
mulishly craves, life’s fragile quech;
intentionally mind’s quoins’ imposed,
thought’s loft so toils one’s moate forespeech;
anfractuous schemes preclude “fourth force”,
mankind’s contempt’s, results Burghbrech.
Societal wise fault’s wants portend,
disgruntled needs, transcendence yearns;
existentialist’s boast, ‘Nothing’s’ tout,
unrest’s truths feed upon life’s spurns;
realizations, thought’s warning spouts,
lies bitters poured, ides’ fealty bourn;
ubiquitous change, beyond one’s doubts,
towards blithe lunacy, all sense returns.
Subjective chance, melancholic’s mettes’,
in ill or health, such heal mind’s threats;
alliance thrived, thought’s pretentious sights,
thorough inner claques, whose sides abet;
attaint self’s rights, all freedoms inter,
caste sects divulged; blue blood’s regrets’;
entente cordiate, applications plied,
in ancient context, lest ‘Skald’ forget.
Infelicitous mien, halves verve’s plat,
schemed schematics, group’s emphatic;
quarrels, suspending noetics explate,
survival’s pause, ire’s pragmatics;
confuted faux fools, bequote callats,
unmet needs misdight erratic;
objectivity, life’s pirn displat,
hauteur, wormed wonts rouse fanatics.
Misguided plebs, ensorcelled masses’,
ensnarled in life’s tetricity;
sodality’s fiends; concords trammeled,
trust’s guides decry lubricity;
quixotic guess, aches desperately,
mind’s union woos sphericity;
instigants tense, console those wounded,
ensured rule reins centricity.
Resipiscence, supposal’s imbare,
mindsets malefic, mind’s beware;
poise oneself, resist all abusion,
complot to raise world’s proletaire;
conjectured gist, empty thought’s imbrue,
immix with this; “Third Force” compare;
impetus, words spur this climb toward truth,
one aid, peruse all works Voltaire.
Profundity, eludes nous’ elite,
this truth belies life’s rident hist;
preludes sough, primes aggregators tools,
Goethe’s pall, nature’s wrick, soul’s aquist;
eupsychian themes vex corporatists,
convention’s means unveil codists’;
logic once praised, forfeits to hinnies,
humankind’s trend, kotow os clist.
Michael Darrell Walker
“Où est l’amitié est la patrie”


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