Should ever there begin an
ending towards any life’s sortie
that shortly shorty often a coven’s covenant
sorter, sorrel, slobber, sorbet, or shoulder
this world’s load; shudder in thoughts these
predict-amen’, vitamins Cee, or Dee, or a buttery Gee…
smolder these mindful bits of mirth; what does one’s
worth; halve? Sputter, lisp, drip spit, and shite;
with ample samples of sensory accessories
squealers, squires, squirrels, shires sandwich together
these “bee’s knees”; scrubbers, rubbers, Grandma’ bloomers
flying high as the clouds allow them sputtering’ Socrates
Samson eyed Delilah’s brae; for tea, or “two to tango”; Josef Mengele?
butts and busts, sporadic nuts, and Tesla’s ecstatic electricity
ought to be had for free! Specifically pre-Edison-ease
knowing his disease, was procuring profit’s dilemma specificity
isn’t this a dosing’ tease, tensely twisted tangy and twatted
specialty’s emphatically glimpsed just in this moment’
peering glance surpassingly, across an emptied bay
surfs down today at Redondo Beach; spiff or hone
this mind’s a tone, a tune, a twang, a twittering “Pouty Thang”
Shimla please! Do not turn this page, as those churchy
adder females want to do; splendor renders deafened hearing
steering, seating; some form of meeting, Splenda poisons any cup
of coffee, tea, or me; splendid is as it does, end! “Spinal Tapped”
ribald wrapped, a cusp of cups, or queer tasting masters baste
“I wish I may; I wish with all of my might; that tonight
will be humanity’s least and last bout of dissimulated
satanic madness practiced; against my hordes and me!


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