Mountain Top Tomb

Inspired by the word works of Star Dalangin

I admit…
the confinement of my soul,
trapped within this nuclear winter;
inside, it is vacuum bitter cold,
outside, well it is out;
and the air, it won’t help me,
it’s the breath of hell, and toxic;
outside, I am blinded by the world,
white dots, angel’s confetti, dot the sky;
pools of ice drown my feet, make me,
want to taste…
the wet bitterness of my tears,
to the bottom, ever lower;
icy air burns my skin,
certainly, no warmth;
will come my way, any day,
snows cry for you, myself;
I throw a blanket on my head,
you scream at me even more;
I cannot escape this fear,
fear surrounds;
and fills my essence,
I am fattened and filled of it;
struggling to breathe,
to achieve comfort;
I control my truth’s cheer,
celebrate with me, my fear;
freeze with me, I suffer while you smile,
we lay down, and nurture death’s sleep;
become unconscious of this world;
I will be…
as you will be, frozen,
to be discovered on this mountain top;
in a million years or more,
by aliens, looking for a galactic rest stop.
Michael Darrell Walker


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