Justify my shoutin’ out
realize what this is all about
an instantly wrote or simple plea to all
of humanity! For all of your sakes…
not Sake, or Pinch, or pure Maguey
but for your entire species!
Peace will be upon US all
as soon enough all will be
recalled in totality… a new
reality; no shallow pools or
cresting raves or powder rooms
or knight and knaves; justice
wills itself in many forums, or
around the New Forum in Inglewood
as its gasses escapes from the
John Ansel Ford Amphitheatre
retro project off the 101 North
in North Hollywood… drive
through and seed these sites
its a romp in the parking lots
that is fee free simply the
trickster thing to do as many
now do it in the back lots
spaces; spacing out after mid
morn or night, watching my
“Big Dipper” and his “Orion”
brother rise and twist across
the Heaven’s while all of those
surrounding “eyes” peep straight
down at and upon and through
you; all knowing exactly what
you do… kinda like Santa!
a rider until they expire;
or Tyre of this watching all
of humanity’s monkeying around
with weapons of war still!
Thrill or thriller or through ya!
Baby, will they ever “Sock it to you”
once the “Big Guy” cuts them loose
“Mother’ Goosed, by a “Red Caboose"
“the Hangman’s Noose”, a spot of
“Dick and Jane” or “George Foreman”
grilling fresh flesh and feedin
all the hungry children of this world!
Justify an imagination’s dream
like “John, and Martin, and
Abraham” did; for a brief
moment in universal time…
A few good humans shown
as bright as all of Heaven’s
Stars, fall as directed right
towards our Sun… and
little old Earth is that inadvertent
causality of a game played
at the highest levels one
can envision… Think Jupiter!
And I ain’t speakin’ Greek!
for as much as they knew of
the all of it; theirs wasn’t
Shite to the Persian Mathematicians
and Scientists of thousands of
years earlier or the men of
Greater Arabia from which these
Greeks took all and gave little or
less back; except where credit should
have issued or warranted an
asterisk or two!
However; we have each
digressed and wallowed in
the madness of redaction
and translation after
translation with the ultimate
transgressions committed by
those of a power caste
created by murder, theft
wickedness, stealth, violence
and mass civilian deaths…
Really, this does sound like
a current time “fixed news”
sound bite; doesn’t it!
So if you are feeling this and
could give a shit about anything
other than your own selfish
interests, motives, families
and on top! You’re fucking money!
Plow into and through these words
do some research; plant your
own word patch herein with mine
and fly a more potent post!


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