Supposition magnifies
what proposition probes
imaginations clarify
what consternations close
repudiation separates
the dignified from all mores
remunerations quantified
equate to blow fired up your nose.
Procrastination solidifies
those pro and con entwined
exasperation nullifies each sense
your closing door to life deny
realization specifies your next step
off the darkest cliff you fly
jubilation a falling breaths last gasp
you and this reality collide.
Repetition, clocks wound tic on
this bout of thought a pipers tune
desperation, which tail to spoon
questions spark a mind’s resume
justification, to many tales so spun
joy beret and laugher entombed
remediation, one healing touch
fate for US, the physicians a buffoon.
Fornication, an amusing term
spume of mouth or mindless word
internalization, an inbreed spawned
chafe the meek and the wicked do perturb
rationalization, minds proven bent
a classic case of him so posed as her
separation, a fix implied
both the thought and the phrase disturb.
Immolation, one fiery cure
imposed on self by a mobs hot torch
crucifixion, man’s hit and miss
sin and sinner to the bones flesh scorch
abalienation, a soul’s divide
godly sigh relief as evildoers screech
bastardisation an everyday act
a fly to stool, you peruse this screed.
Objectification, this lemmas p.a.c.
an ideal sworn is living’s pitch
caligation, mind’s blindness earned
thoughts as skin turn patchy
dejeration, to self and not to word
this works unless there is a glitch
effascination, one lives and learns
the purse, a late December putsch.
Michael Darrell Walker


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