“A child, more than all other gifts
That Earth can offer to declining man; [humankind]
Brings hope with it, and forward looking thoughts.”

This “Sun” illuminates worlds; and this Earth benefits
as this Earth benefits from this design; so too does
the “Natural” state of all things upon and within her womb
fore, she is our womb; one we can only leave in that
proverbial gas sealed and heavily shielded “can-ish-turd”
that only the highest minded humans are capable of “designing”
pretty much that is left to design is shit your women go
shopping for; themselves first, then the children, then, maybe
something “off the cuff”, for you…  What fools you men have
become!  You work, bleed, and die early; for this creatures
and women are “taught”, “guided”, “vetted”, and “directed”
to be such…  There is no denial of this fact!  Have another
pull on that bottle of “Jack” and get ready for the
rest of this hit!
Too late in you lifetimes; it is, for you to turn the tides
on this shit…  All of your strength of seed is gone…
in the flesh you males are so much less than your
Grandfathers’ were, and the best of that generation left
their souls and hearts in Vietnam… We may continue
on and see the deaths of the last men and women who
survived combat assignments in those other actions and
World War II; maybe?
Today as yesterday this system’s Sun, somehow allows
US life; the majority of all on Earth, neglect to offer
the one true God what he is due, simply for this “small”
gift; and what have the most of you accepted as your
Truth?  Oh… that money thing; because it is the only
thing, that from all the “teaching”, “learning”, and
“politely minor thinking”; you put your minds too…
fitted and mostly hollowed skulls!  Now for this!!!
God’s Love thing… God’s love is not fee free; it
is not a simpleton’s gruel; it is not granted to you
it must be earned through your paying attention to
some very simple rules… Don’t be fools, you all know
what these are and why these are, how these roll;
and where your heads will be boiled, because
you ignored them!
Yes, you all, each one of you; are ignorant donkeys!
and you ones with pious perversity, that, “Holier than thou”
attitudes… You all are as ‘dumb as a box of hair”!
Everywhere and here next to me I know you are each
lower than slug slime and more wicked that Satan himself!
for I know Satan; and is he ever full of self-doubt!
He is running away from time itself, with nowhere to run
but straight up!  Shut the hell up you say?  Why should I?
Your thoughts from reading this is answer enough for me
So herein is more, so much more of your misgiving
Your acceptance of greed, sloth, slov′en•li•ness; murderous
thinking; hellish beings are you all… even the most
innocent have fallen from the “grace” and away from the
“shock and awe” of God… especially in Americant; you
candy pantie and lip serving suck ups of all things untrue
and full of wickedness and your smug selves… You waste
all you do is consume mass quantities and piss and
shit, and puke yourselves all over the planet… truth is
you are all shit for hunting, you have eliminated yourselves
as valid prey for hunters of truly righteous souls and
run so far away from God in your everyday thoughts
and actions, and words, and graciousness, and
compassion and composure; you all are worthless to
me… and I report this to the big guy… in person!
Oh Moon, how a beauty in the sky, nightly flickering
the reflections of the Sun just right; Heavenly design!
So divine; but should you be moved, just subtly
all of you stinking monkeys are gonna move a lot!
Grass and wind, young and old; an axis tilt of
six degrees or perhaps nine… and SNOWBALL EARTH
so cold immediately; like that “fixed news” sound bite
short and distorted… then everything living will die!
Before I go, all of your relations, all the way back; are
going to suffer, what and how your life’s choices have
caused all other living things to suffer; extinction!
Still faith filled that a miracle will occur, and all
of humankind, in an instant, will drop what each
is doing, walk outside and give thanks be to God?
I’ve been told, had it suggested to me personally
That your reaction to this request will be a big
FUCK YOU!  Really? Do you really
want to go there?


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