Puzzle's Pieces

Between two lives is spread,
puzzle’s pieces plenty;
and deeply scrolled upon,
each one’s lonely soul;
that card dealt to one,
showing hand on bright red button;
all life or death decided,
in a moment, for one and all.
Bowed beneath the tops,
of richly marmoreal tables;
draped with finest skeins,
of hand-woven satin long;
hide the moldered hearts,
of two lowly humans searching;
beyond horizon viewed,
from heaven’s birth, and home.
One’s truth’s thoughts,
will bring devotion’s surrender;
replaced can be the tortured,
and broken staff of life;
each soul’s slow cruel death,
at once will be averted;
as captured is it’s desperate struggle,
to survive.
The missing soon does beckon,
out to all the others;
walk into a new form of living,
becoming two in one;
words flow across lines,
linked through out all living;
pressed in finding life’s freedoms,
brave new home.
Enter completely,
paths of passion’s perfect calling;
form the bonds,
of a souls’ love;
for life lasting long,
view on high above you;
the one true,
natural fitting keystone;
centered in a love’s arch,
of living etched in gold.
Powerful is the word,
swept by future’s unsure current;
swirling vast throughout the world,
we hope to know;
found is the precious love,
soon bound to all souls;
as empty hearts once broken,
bind tightly into one.
Michael Darrell Walker


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