Today’s reflection
in yesterday’s dimming vista’ pines
an m&m in paired duo’ arms, that
candy to our hearts, minds, and eyes
towards youth a time is given, and
perhaps was living well spent
each face of sol, and soul, and so
we, each knew at which time
to bid it and it’s longing’s adieu
in this mid-age we still as sage; our thoughts
and somewhat cleverly devise our journey forward
with clarity and perhaps more than fate or luck’ blind
we move every closer to our physical life’s maturity
when once you wore that bonnet, and I
that hat of woven straw…
the lace gloves and frilly skirts
bobby sox and those patent leathers
and I wore that bowtie and my wing top lace-ups
on those daze we spoke and listened
but of our words and thoughts we never wrote
at this moment I ask forgiveness for
not writing down what I had hoped
I grew, I travelled, I learned to
listen and to profoundly think
I worked, I built, I battled wildly; and of course I watched
And I at times I wondered endlessly of
you and of what you were to be…
The wiles and wastes and injustices
I witnessed
I held close and completely remembered
each and every one
and you and all and each and the universe
can peruse and experience those of which to date.
I have put to words and flown to post, mine own
into these clouds that we all, each and everyone
Can do too!!!
Yes my mind is monstrous, and
wills to eat of humanity’s tears and flesh
imagine that; however, it is your souls I seek to thresh
imagine that! And do not fear it…
IAM that known Master
of the coming unknown mysteries
so near my dearest children
my sons and daughters, my sisters and brothers
my kin; each and every soul of you and yours is as mine
a gift from our only Father; yes, that awesome one
whose single thought, in an instant, caused all to begin
realize this, you are all his bliss, and loving kisses sweet
you are all in kindness given to your earth upon conception
and your life before that is in his mercy hidden; from you
so many of you have suffered, nothing that has destroyed
your spirits and or souls..
yet many of you seek any character strong or
weak to help you face your works and fail
in your wills he gave to you, to “endeavor to persevere”
in weakest thoughts you want him to free you
from whatever is this or that or of course you want more
and you neglect him and of course his rules…
“The Lord is thy Shepard, thou shall not want”, how easy
this word is to read, and dwell upon, and comprehend
and to follow and obey…
Nine words comprised of ten syllables and the
majority of you all forget and neglect and ignore them
The species human has a history of
living upon and in this garden earth
many of you know of this, the times and lengths and girths
and the events that some call “burn backs” or extinction time events
kinda sorta makes sense… a living laboratory and living subjects?
Today the gate of humanity’s portal opens; wider
some of you are quite large girths… just a bit of pun and fun there
and I am offering a arched pathway leading gently upward
allowing you each to slowly walk and raise
your eyes cautiously just a little at a time, into this systems sol
so that you can begin to understand what not to do when
you do stand before him; and you each will do so!!!
Do I have your attentions at this moment in
this here and now?
Iambic pentameter caresses each soul;
and too so dearly fine
does note of music, and sound of nature, and
the cooling calm of a righteous mind
I can and will to do as such, to talk, and cheer, and teach, and warn
to motivate your thoughts and your minds to reach above
your simple norms and these caustic times; and
send your pain to its doom…
Inspired thoughts do so reflect my genuine threats in your new scroll
that freshie made exclusively, for the each and every one of you
minds can be made to boom and crack; hearts too so massive each explodes
and I will make those most wicked souls; seek their feet and
flee away from their inconsolable, and eternally damned lives and lies
Really, this ain’t no biggie, it only takes a look…
Thee of this earth; celebrate each second, each breath, and each smile
hold closely your neighbors, your countrymen and women, your tribes
hold ever closer you enemies; for it is you who have made them
your enemies are your children; you made them in your thoughts
and actions and mindful wills, you made them your enemies!
No human being was born a enemy… you as an enemy are made by humans
this is purely rational thinking, or simply common sense, do not be dummies!
or IAM will pull your sphincter muscles, whole and all, up through your bodies
and right the fuck out of your mouths! Visualize that!
IAM continuing my calling… because my FIREBALL is so very near!


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