Scandalous Thoughts

Upon one’s mind, these thoughts persist,
though time runs on, reality’s missed;
thoughts rude and breme, at this insist,
development of such, life’s resist;
grim times, equate to cruelty’s twist,
lives tumble, towards death’s opened abyss;
verge edged, in pain and infamy,
change, that degree, 'thirds’ so foul remiss.
Thinking’s weird, ponder one’s minds stands,
oft nothings gained, while life’s goodness spends;
structured fabrics; soul’s cloisonné,
an innocence lost, rues sin deepened;
completely valid, Id’s parley,
ideas false gives, this takes callous trends;
askew leans thought, one’s future razed,
from righteous firm, a life cruelly ends.
Conversations, between mazed fools,
what ifs and such, along life’s harsh roads;
expose a past; that’s present’s loathe,
conscious mindset strained, each stained heart rode;
one’s question, why this thought so bold,
of wicked and unrighteousness goad;
haunched Ids; in short, minds break mores goals,
means sacraments, lives stripped bare of souls.
Emptiness’ want; one’s callused soul,
life’s broken hands, middle finger’s coax;
yearns unmet, mind’s ghostly reposed,
what future asks, decisions unload;
against truth’s grain, our choices toil,
one instance gained, flesh will decompose;
fulfillment grins, of whets supposed,
dream’s rend begins, thought’s tithe fate proposed.
Twisted, is one’s smoldering life,
what was rigid body melts away;
constructs gleaned from discussion’s dreams,
fancy’s sheen; souls bauble, in time strays;
created thoughts upon time’s street,
seldom noticed, what price one’s prides play;
illusions gathered, tweak mind’s schemes,
mentioned pause; what is crime worth these days?
Michael Darrell Walker


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