Simpletons united; citizens’ infighting
the righteous among US dying; often
Simplicities mob, the Bourse as bomb
upon this societies in-servitude masses
Supposition’s Asp’, asked
of this question; who wins financially
during and throughout any recession?
Answer’s noose; the ones and the shames
whose cash cows are lying, cheating
stealing, thieving, deceiving, conniving
downright wicked murderous polyuria’
producing touts and knaves!
Sound like a bunch; of over-ripened bananas?
where then, do you buy and / or eat your lunches
any hunches; are you held up by any mental crutches
or did your crutch get smoked along with that final roach?
Last night, what a fright! Insight, inside, inroads
expensive boss gloss gross; gloried wholes
conflicting poses; Nada’s crowned in yellowing roses
tossed off any executive desk early Monday morning’s
melting wax hot latte, non-metallic coined Dali Lama ding
in your almost empty pocket stained
and tattered jeans, some caustic dream returned
as reductionism’s theme; what a scream, scam;
scream, scram, scrimshaw of Ahab and that
“Mobic” hooked Dickhead; remember Nixon?
what the neo-conned shill; and still that white
demon ruled our cuntry, for more than just one day!
pyrique! What was hip with that? He got
his, he got fatt!, he got caught; he got off!
without so much as a wrist slap from a drag
queen in training togs in downtown L.A.!
at the staples center while those leakers
lose at home again; dynasty’s plowed
under crowds who foolishly hold tight
to traditions and misunderstood genetics
Yea! you’re reading me on this point!
so; pass that joint… and don’t
lip sux the tip damnit!
Spiff, once lit, emits a particular odour
as does stupidity; indeed the stupid, yes
the most of U.S. cannot hide in the deepest
of caves or the most dense of the remaining forests
because you fucking reek of the swill you in-take
and that is just from the air you breathe and the
waters you drink, bathe in, and cook with!
Never mind that pile of useless trash you
swallow; that nosh of slash you call
commercialized food product… and does it ever
pro-duct-tape your small intestines solidly closed!
You “stupid is as stupid does”, daisy chaining
hairless and hairy savanna stooping monkeys!
Do be, adobo, green mango, cottage cheese
and twat ooze… What have you enslaved children
got to lose? The life? Yea, right! Say
give this shite a chance; it will still be shite
that you must chew and swallow, whole!
Unless your males grow back their
balls and you female monkeys; mostly of great
girth and little net worth… accept the biblical faux
or fact; if that “Book” is not so stuffed full of
man’s thought faux fix’ of faux facts all just to
faux fill your gluttonous wants and wishes
it is always questionable… that you and your physically
engendered camel toed wonders… are simply
the byproduct of our Adam’s Auntie’ basic (D.N.A,) okay?
Please do not be stupefied, or seek to fry my bacon
or set my bed afire!; Answer me this! What is a
R.I.B.? YOU all know this… genetically… and man
named this being of and from him: ISHSHAH!
Hush now little children… do not be a feared
or offended, or on the proverbial fence with this
this shite is real! Simplified to you unwell and
unread and / or ill bred, financially tossed salads
limp wilting nymphs that become blood sucking
aphids… FUCK! OOPS once again; I’ve misplaced
my grin-n-damnit.. Let me recover my jewels ladies
I, can feel your collective, stupidly
challenging me and cursing my motives,
my points plugs, fuses, spare tyre, and all of my
many piss parts; asp whole included!
Well then, time to more stupidly bend over the guard rail at
Negara Falls; on the Canadian side, of Mount Merbuk! Or
maybe Vancouver B.C. in the center of little
western hemisphere New Amsterdam; hashish, coffee
and “Chronic” brownies with white chocolate sauce
dripped in your panties by my anti-tank missile
that silly millimeter longer “Peter, Paul, or Marty”
singing out the hammer time song; “If I had”, what
happened to I have all that I need, according
to God! Code and access, kiss the ring and accept
a bless that cannot be given by “the Priest”, butt
maybe “Judas Priest”, can stomp rock your stupidity!
There is not enough time for me to cover
all of these many basis for this thesis datum
hum drum to you, but Absolut’ truths to me
on this daze load of deminer crap and unworthy
want-to-be SuperStars’, and not the bar in Pat-Pong!
or any coven of witchy-poos in their own
houses and / or yards! Swiss chard makes a great
phish food; as will you, after that second or third go
around to get your shite out on the ground here
and seek what it is you are worthy to possess…
Coconut water, and yellow sunshine acid… not
25’ like I got back in those 70’s daze…
oh! You want some? How stupefied by your stupidity are you?
the shite been in your water supply since the late sixties!
What a relief! Lost my fig leaf, now I found it!
this is what you have just experienced; a “self-fee”
your solo moment of reflection; in the monkey’s pool
you scrub, and scrub, and scrub-a-daub-dub-bub-what?
shite happens, to your stupid, that gets scrubbed off?
“Soylent Green”, or your silent greed… these come to mind
Guess what! your bath and toilet water, is now recycled
and combined with spring over flow, then packaged for sale
to your farmers! “GO”, is figured into this mix; product
wise; it’s the shite! that truly delivers one to
smokkelen tooth fairy’ berries and lisping snide mules
and monster flitted females; the latter can squat
over my opened mouth every day, say round
my dinner time! That thought is the bright and most
stupid “Id” thing I’ve mentioned or implied through
words in this latest writ-o-wit by this wrighting
unwittingly woven words into loves, hates, fears
cheers; beer, pot, and of course crystal roc coke
in a can! Hold on to your brains! IAM not finished yet!
Litre hosing, warbled tocsin, elbow griming, nerd
gamin, heathens everyone; enjoy what is left
right, or centered, under the remaining
time for your sun…


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