This Partings Tears

In Loving Memory of Barbara Hampton

Passing on, our celebration of one life so compassionately lived
life’s flame received his calling, our sisters’ soul anew revived
familiar thoughts renew minds mystery, rejoicing in love arrived
culmination in Heaven’s garden, flowery spirit, her glowing gifts have so survived.
Thought filled kindness, her kiss a love bestowed upon each brow
bringing souls emotions brim to fill, this fall of tears allow
joyous must our visions be, in opened hearts our will endow
memories held upon each breast, her touch of tenderness now living vow.
Weep gently, rejoice for life, her comforting message will live on
speak to her in your heart of hearts, revel in each coming dawn
recall this partings empathy, release doubt as thought foregone
blessings made from her to you, fine-spun a love released, her smiles for all be never drawn.
I sigh in grateful recognition, for a living soul just called to home
love forever giving life to me, her word was precious to my soul
you see the mist of my hearts tears, as you watch me from above
Barbara, your life force is missed, your pure soul, your sweet essence, our beloved.
Breathe clearly now, of eternal life within our Father’s house
heaven’s glow through you bestow, upon Jerry your loving spouse
emotional release do grant to him, to him, your brilliance espouse
release thoroughly your trust to him, your strengths glow in him completely arouse.
Between the time of birth and death, life’s mean is truly sung
moments blessed of life we’ll miss, we know what must be done
souls live forever, no doubt, smile for the pean of this loved one
celebrate her return, into our Father’s arms, and the success of her long life, so clearly won.
Gather close together, let this partings grief release your love
sweetness weeps through to heaven’s view, lift eyes to her above
within your hearts reveal your joy smiling in remembrance thereof
living truth, in her memory trust, to a lifetime each has hauntingly undreamed of.
Cry no more from this moment on, remember in her smiling eyes
gently hold to your family and friends, deeply think of her tonight
inside your thought recall the light you see at dawn so ever bright
her life, her love, her wishes surely live, your happiness and success, is her soul’s delight.
Michael Darrell Walker


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