Selfish stoats wear familiar gloats
and fear a radar static’ scalping
“Aqualung” to Jethro’s “bird”
that spitting thing that Elle Mae
broke the neck of…
and cracked both its eggs!
Would it be that each “Players Bank” be
universally treated much the same; or worse!
luckily enough; a natural pearl’s lucre is
natural enough to sheen “Angela’s” 60’s fro!
Strongest creeds or most vile and wicked greed
which would you choose to live your life bye?
So, creeds or Guido’, which of these
would turn the axis of your private world’s true love?
Should you decide to decry traditions and
marry your sisters; not to worry, we all do, no foolin!
Just you compare the main lines in your palms;
you clones! Or drones and simply worker bees and slinks
purely each a “Sponge Bob Square Pants”, you all
turned out to become; so comical, or conical, or
full of chlamydia and thrush of tush; eh?
Not to mention this oncoming newbie, “Blue Waffle”
cussin to nursing; worst of wooly would you please
or “Motely Fools” tools used to short stroke your
emotions, choking off the blood Russians streaming
through your main veins blowing up your little
tiny heads! Money changers became bankers; thanking
you wankers for submitting to “their” rules and laws
and ways… Shames stains on your “pearl necklaced” faces
show what a “Dick Cheney, want to be calm sot you are
really! So I’ve hit upon your nerves; all of them
including your lasts, to flippant bad you sad sacs of
“Gumby’s” monthly rhythms staffs and prisms
“Thirsty Moons” and “Great Red Flying Dragoons”
flown up your asp’ whole… “Holy Judas’ Crown” Batman!
Gottem thinking they are circles! Seriously Sirius radio!
Shrieking, sprinkling, sidewalks, smeared with
“night soil” stew; wherever is that “order”
going to or running from? When me and my hordes of
members crash their temples into the centers of
their “skulls and bones”! Crushed and ground into
pasties that their Sux Faced want-to-be-females
squirt all over their lisps and thongs and
El-Cabongs… then, anon cum ladies and that “boy”
“Hop-a-long Cassidy” with “Roy and Dale”, “Chip and Dale”
“The Boondocks” and “Black Jesus”!
All drowned in hidden high crimes, cameras, and treason’
seasonings, and neo-conned touts singing…
‘We will, we will, fuck you”! All the “Kids in any
hallway or doorway or garage basement unlit or getting
lit on whatever shite they are selling and buying; who
knows what is in the smoke being blown up your asp’ throes
and “Beastie Palates” best madness’ mound Mei Lings a thongs thin
piece of shroud connected to an erection of universal
proportionately prescribed pharma-suit-a-clothes and
patented wingtip shoes and that “Ring”; one man stood
with me; and for a moment a rapport established that
“Lincoln” Lodged movement towards and into a
pheasant’s feathers fawning faux power tractor pulled…
Then, colour creep craped upon the tense and within
the “tent” of this coffee corners calm; we agreed
to discontinue our privates and say our “Gentlemen’”
adieu… I sigh, for his needs were butt; his accepted
teaching’s signs versus mine…
sad and sullen; as this profound discussion was of a
“higher ordered degree, at least his eyes as mine
became one and steady as “Iron Worker” and “Labour”
mixed, if just for a second coming or Beelzebub’s spawn
returning to the surface of this “Ship of Fools”; in a
“Jumping Jack Flashed” moment, we parted our ways… Maybe
who knows, a “Laughing Jesus” pictured or “Praying Hands”
preacher on “ Vegas” as the best feature of a prospective
Future for the all of US…
Drowning in six doubles, forgetting all of our troubles
binding together as all brothers should do… or; nervous
throngs will to “right” the wrongs of the past tens of
administration’s executive offices levelled; diamonds are
polished bezel’ and tax payer funds were embezzled beyond
all comprehension of the terms… worms burrowing
insanity worrying these conflicting incestuously
positioning mimes; which mine all of the “gold”
from this society… Patty cakes or bull shite piles are
stacking higher that “St. Elmo’ Fire”, excuses are
Moose, or patrons of an order now run by Profiteering
Foolish Family members made as men not as men
who did make of themselves that better being above
their “stations” beyond the blind sides of those moons
so close, so near, oh dear! Yes; We are that near to the
all of You!!!


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