Caricamento in corso...


webs above, on which the spider roves
woven threads which my mind’s eye knows
spaced as perfected natural geometry poised
to clasp tight to one’s unsuspecting soles
Yes, it is a great big web;
and as for the spider; think Jurassic
and grab on to your jewels!
dread locked and gnarly, her name is Harley
and how high does
her web spun garden go?
“Up, up, and a-way up in the yonder”
gives those weak hearted
something to ponder besides
the jam between their “Barney Rubbles”
death, life; life’s death
death’s life; drum and fife
Afrika Corps; Rommel and a tankard or
two of ale; silent spiral galaxy’s spin
ever closer to US; breathing out
echoes of bellowing newborn’
and cosmic boulders, sized as if
they be; our sons stored in Normandy
General Schwarzkopf, offed his “das beer boots”
and boogie scooted woozier woes and worries
Wormwood roils, worm holes burrow
right through the center of our solar system
cistern’ empty, ocean’ fifteen does
'pay to play’ at big dada’ theater
New York needles, twisted beetles
Santa hosing Fay, what is this I say? …
done-away-wit the least of this, El Carbon
warms this earth’ atmosphere, out-of-the-way
our children’s breathing
is wheezing 'Willie Nelson’ twang
shallow tales from tortured
toads, a scientific blunder
demise, she left, that is when I met, those
ayes of twinkling wonder, bread is white
as is rice, but cooked flesh is 'pink-n-pretty’
'Sylvester and Tweedy’, fowl and furry
passive is synergy, or
adaptive; all neutron energy
to expressing the displeasure
of our brother Vlade
glowing, yes glowing brightly we all will be
for just a moment; until that time comes
when our spirit energy is
pasted to the concrete walls
like those in the City’ of Hiroshima,
and Nagasaki; 16,300 registered
bombs are trigger ready
a fact not widely known or
are we so ill-informed
check out the www, for
the size thereof and citizen ending
potential; so smoke all of your Cuban’
a trillion times galore!
So yes, I have seen life
like this so many times before
in light time travelled instantly
does sound like fun, hehehe!
instant weight loss, is causality
when your flesh gets flashed
feathers flutter, nuts pea butter
lemons sorrowfully cry calm, yes
be calm, it will only blast for a second
then the realm of humanity will exponentially lessen
collect your thoughts, in the daze
before X-MASS and reflect upon that man
in Marlboro, Massachusetts
Asps and Chaos, cash and gold, behold
the neo-conning agenda, so
foretold and so very old
the masses been taking it
up their aspiration’ wholes
for thousands of generations
oh gracious goodness meow!
Corps of Mine, the Americas Marines
from manicured fields they arise
interject this into mainlined veins;
shooting number four is flying high!
So where is that one, a party of two
who equals that numbered trey?
collecting rad datum, or ancient water
from the Antarctic’ deepest pond?
sector shifts, the universe tilts, you
roll snake eyes there in Gardena
feed is free, the fee is three, and I
am not that multi-headed hydra!
I saw, I say, a drone today at play on the
heights above the beach in Redondo
a long pea pod had I, and a couple
of good conversations bye
along the shore-men and intro
to a passing dentist
whirlpools suck, flying ducks
fuk, Yankee Doodle Dandy
Surely Tempted hacks, or
razor stropped hides aback
or abide in a shadow’s “outer limits”
consciousness collides while hominy dotes
the RNC’S Pork is
in the Threaded Peddling’s
as oer’ any rain bowed
rib boned, swooning goon
who really thinks about
the “dark side of our moon”
watch for the growth of spotted
caste’ and castles in our airs
I await, and not “John Waite”
for “Friday night’s lights”
growing massively, exposing rapidly, the energy
necessarily needed, to end humanities rune
go ahead, grow a head
become the “big giant head’s” spittoon
attention as ethics is unnecessary;
are you speaking Magahi?
or are you, just a particle
in a herringboned chequered floor!
“now pay keynotes, hum harmonic tones
sangfroid soothes one’s gin bowed eye
consciousness is whey for a watcher’ oath
collection’s plate; sorely needs a gazillion notes”.


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