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Subornation of Perjury

In law; not her, the subornation of perjury
Is a “crime”… from the “swearing of a false oath
to tell the truth in a legal proceeding
be it spoken or written.”
See where IAM going with this?
When was the last time, in-laws; were truthful?
or any laws were truth filled?
Just try reading one, or any, say “Constitutional Law”
or, “Admiralty and Maritime Law”
see where IAM going with this?
“Subornation of perjury further describes
the circumstance wherein an attorney at law causes
a client to lie under oath, or allows another party to
lie under oath” Ummmmmmmmmmm!
Now you see where IAM going with this!
“In American federal law, Title 18 U.S.C. § 1622 provides that: Whoever
procures another to commit any perjury is guilty of subornation of perjury
and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years
or both.” Yea, right; when do you remember this to have occurred?
So, “different strokes for differences in folk’”;? status in society?
The ups have it… those down below blow blues bubbles?
Are your lips blubbering? Are your 'synapses’ snapping?
W.T.F.!!! How are you applied too, under the above Law?
The truth… you are just cold slaves under “their” shallow words
of “their” laws works to indenture your worth!
Are you seeing where IAM going with this now???
Is not the obvious, obliviously oblivious to you all?
Yes, this is the case… you all don’t have the clues to misuse
This or any other laws… “they”, and “theirs”; do!
Simply because “they”, and “theirs”, and
“their”, “thems” practice a
Where does this leave the all of US?
Swilling the shite of “those”, “their”, “them’”
who git theirs for givin yours the great big screw!
and those hobnailed boots, and hollow points, and
bloody, bloody, bloody; hell! And You Know this!
Whatever is the fix for this predicament?
Maybe… read a bit, think of; of any law…
Have a cubit of coleslaw, and a dog or two…
or maybe some era sauer-kraut’ and must-ard’
and chopped hot peppers and onions… whatever!
Butt heads and asp wholes you have been while
over the centuries you were mentally sleeping
un thoughts and un living dead zombies you
have all been… Wake the fuck up!
IAM, commands you too!
Git that grip… the shite
is, going to hit the fan!
Folks it is a lot of shite
and the fan, well its
is; the biggest one
All and any
Of you on
For tea


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