The Mentor

Righteousness expressed in struggle’s ply,
comes shining in a single lifetimes chance;
From life’s shadows dim a gift will rise,
explicit in one solemn watcher’s glance;
Prosperity’s plex is so placed in hand,
but fortune’s bless those blind deny;
Bliss from one’s valid efforts blocked,
results in stress and tears from failure’s fry;
Delivered not is the finisher’s fee,
collected is butt, and not success’ pride;
Covertly served is an effort’s worthy try,
reward, is goodness, and a steady upheld bide;
Worth’s weight, the lowest hanging bough,
when weighed by the thinker that seeks to vide;
Value thus, when shared is given gratefully,
without the thoughts of a profiteering mind;
Presents to those of worldly wiles,
one dilemma, upon which the fool will find;
Clarity flexed removing one’s clouds of doubt,
what “gold” then mined, supplies a lifelong tithe;
Fulfillment is extract cast from nature’s whey,
nourishment enough for every creature’s clime;
Surely now greed can be wholly sacrificed,
and stress from the chase of cash be slimed;
Follows simple logic does this gist,
that once given a gift, the bearer of such will shy,
Away from snide and lowly self-intent,
and allow a higher thought to clear life’s cloudy skies;
From unknown facts, to time’s knowledge let,
each giver grants to all their generous boon;
Transgressions pushed aside are but truths to whet,
when honed by honesty, and in divinity hewn;
Hold these ‘truths’ expressed, prove mind’s suppress,
can be cleared for all, and not spent as garbage strewn.


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