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On Great Circle
spirits stand deosil seeking sefirah tifaret
Nisaba, gifted patroness
known to hold the purest stylus
all lines, the heavens do so measure
held in hand of mind
gift unto me, do seed the key
unlock in all Phree messen.
Awake, all who dwell
in the lands of the Lords of Brightness
align Niveveh to Babylon
pierce silence buried in Zagros
in Nannar ask a promise
peek under Tanit’s darkened veils
of Helios, seek path thought
quest, for life’s Shekinah.
Free spacetime compacted
view heaven in white-black sky
in third dimension time tune
math’s unrelativistic chimera
consciously return to each
intrinsic aspects of humanity
aurify in one lexis
call out an Eagle of Lagash to speak.
In mind eschatological truths
guide sisters unto brothers
aflow in vision quest
on legatee call of the desert falls
key in “Masedeh” sought
Sage of Salem gathers all Zuhrah
blind in Nur all Asuras
on Geshtinanna his word preserve
In mind a soul is trapped
in poisoned states of darkness
enchained are one’s ideals
within a rough ashlars slate
sigil on heart
of alimentation bless azure spirits aural
the power in diviner one
emit to our world pure Tiphareth.
Michael Darrell Walker


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