The Practice of Patience

(knocking at heaven' door)

Why practice; anything at all?
is it due to the teachings that were expressed
however, clearly these fell into deafened ears
What is good about cold beer?
the chill, the refreshe, just because you can
certainly not because it tastes too damn good!
Where did you all ever get the notion
that cold, heightens taste; chilled beer, what a waste!
the flavor fools, is in the room temperature warmth
When this little bit of common sense is realized
you, yes you; might be able to comprehend
what it is within, the words that follow
Questions abound within mind’s deep
of thoughts resound in contemplative sneep
the what-ifs; especially those that chill
that begins with a reference to that “W”
and you all know what I am wrighting about!
or, if not; you’re dunder headed mindless blobs
seek a truth, snare its roots, share its boots
butt not its boo-hoe-ties and realize the ease
in which this mouse of an individual, rocketed your world!
rocketed with the “shock” and not “top” but photo-shopped
“awe” of bull scat dumped right in your hats
you knew this; and lifted your tops right over your heads!
wickedly slick loathsome being; on those “puppet’s strings”
held by “poppy” and this “back watered” version of, the CIA
“conscience intestinally abused”; now you care to read on?
“against the wind”, and I speak of pissin on your own boots
who gives a hoot, who rules any roost, who controls
all the world’s loose loot; don’t be “lame brained”!
weak, now defines your terms, you light fearing worms
dig yourselves deeper into your stupor trooper mindsets
but, you will regret; not taking a morning peek at your sun!
stunned by that minutia, peer up! buttercups, now look up
it is not over yet; there is so much more to come
and oh boy! is it ever, that universal load!
civilians bleed more easily than soldiers; do you not agree?
there are more of the former, and much less of the latter
conclusion batters up, have the masses, their full received?
stop it endeavor to rectify this all humankind’ transgression
forevermore say no to war; try giving peace one last chance
tear down these walls, that surround your dirty little souls!
eternally, is that forever laid; piece of asp you ever ponder
remember, back then, being twenty-five, and so alive?
nothing held you except roil of cash or crease of that gnash!
gnashing teeth, coiled ropes, and phishing’ plundering’s
pushed button pawn released, where is that drone so flying
overhead, in hometowns; to blame, just dial “d” for dubia!
gnawing nails, golf ball sized hail; snow in midtown Buffalo
the white one came years ago; say you didn’t pay attention
at ease, privates; hang in the cold, serious is Ophiuchus!
who did recognize, that you pay to cast aside truths of your
convictions; was it Nimsy? or Beelzebub, or the R.N.C.
are you facing that dark; an unlit Portal’ closeted whim?
which good are you, and all your foolish fiends or friends
are worthless at breakfast; because you are frozen butter
or, are you as “Butters”; and always siding wit “Cartman”?
Williams, Gettys, Abscams; pass the Mayo Clinic’ please!
Carlsbad, hella-bad, RADIOACTIVITY! mad as hell are we!
I know, now your scared shiteless; so go and have a wii!
icebergs calve, as do cows; humans birth whatever! gators egg
as ducks do to the platypus’; how dead is a kə dávvər
horses foal, reptiles crawl; funny and true; so to our babies!
drifting to sand and man, do drifters cause you worry; why
re: that wind blown grain of sand; how can it cue horrors?
check this awning fact... ack, the martian’s, they be cumin!
speeding we applied? at arc of light across all that darkness
one speck of solar sand; you should really give a damn
because at that pace, impact is in effect; Absolut cratering!
ballistic you be! It’s the way out of here; ala, Jose Wales
these miniature darts ore’ the arc of Annihilationism’ driver
or, arch of menses; rivers flow of her rotten clotting blood!
statistics, logistics, hysterics, a heretic, or hermetic tick
or a chigger? maybe; are you now “My Huckleberries”?
no? then be pitted cherries; all flesh, no pits or pendulum’!
calls come in; we answer them, in “Order” they are received
that’s some idea; received Orders, Wat is your perception?
rejection, perplexing, any suggestions? Pay Attention, here!
do, bee, doobie, doughboy, the frakin Coke brothers, listen
to M. MacDonald, on farms in forms; of substance so given
in word and phrase; listen to messages hid in songs enfold!
make penitence, prostrate then yourselves before your God
make your decisions only stand, for soul and not wormwood
for ends come like in times before; too err is tearingly up it!
the rational; confessional or intentional; profess it oer again
really? what? You monkeys are to hard up and ill of hearing
cheerful, jeering mugwamp pimps-to-be; sans your whores!
rules do apply, as each is part of a hulking hole of the whole
or, falling into that glory hole; leading to a personalized hell
for evermore; patience sits on perpetualization in perpetuity
bringing you lauds, not necessarily entry, on your time to...
“knock, knock, knock; at Heaven’s door”!


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