Caricamento in corso...


There is…
this concern of stars
hovering, “ober” our heads…
Heady stuff, what awaits above!
methodologies, of those southern
who muck about so
much upon our lives…
exist, or exit; what
other choices are there?
we, US, you and I;
choose our individual ways
and, we head-butt those forces
which block our views
crushing facial bones and
driving noses back into
that soft flesh…
I, digress; life and living
what are these?
drams and grams, synonyms
and antonyms or anagrams?
across all of earth’s lines
drawn in that soft sweet sand…
Worst or best, north, south,
east, and west because, we can
walk, and talk, and seek
rapport and commune with all…
Adrift in these winds
of changing times and action’s schism’
the worst is what we choose
the best; is what God
has decided for the all of US
and his orders?
Do end all evil doers
who are hiding behind that
veiled terrain which is in full view…
We, in darkness; they,
in darkness way down there
you all know what
I am talking about
those without the light
and will of the big guy
must be used; like they
have used the all of you
“off with their heads”!
deeper in to that pit
do shove them, butt
do remember to forgive them
“fore, they know not what they do”
and further, to these current
ways of living…
How, does that adage glow?
“It is, better to give than to receive”
or, to the effect so please he
who will affect your
afterlife’ comfort…
Imagine one, or the other
way to spend eternity
and in your current reality;
surreal insecurity or
sweetness’ purity
at any time, coming
to your communities…


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