I once knew a old queen
Her husband had been dead for many years she screams
She had a beautiful daughter
There was a prince waiting for her far far away with a promising marriage along with falls of water that’s the real life they want you to live
Few years have past & now the time has come, she is now grown & to begin her marriage
Though she had to depart for her beloved kingdom
Remember she had to depart for her beloved kingdom
The old queen packed up for her many costly vessels & utensils of silver & gold
Cups of ancient jewelry that belonged to the old queen
Everything that belonged royal dowry
For she loved her child with all mind & love she had to offer
I once knew a beautiful girl the daughter of the old queen
I once used to walk past her in the summer
It seems to me the trees were always fully bloomed & green
Her Long red hair touching the straps that holds her velvet dress
All I would see
I live in a poor town west of Cambridge
People like me are hungry
We have a lot of well thought out thoughts
& we want to use our hearts not our knifes
I’m saying this now because I had sex with the royal daughter
Yes a poor fellow like me had sex with one of the royal family
I love her & she loves me
The queen is sending her away from me
To a so called prince far away who is never hungry nor has he lifted a piece of coal
I was wearing my lucky vest that day
Stumbled upon a slice of bread tasted mighty best
Not to long after the queens daughter came around the corner
To play & test
She saw me swallow down my bread & asked if I’ve ever been blessed
In her dressed velvet watching me with her breast I said back why yes ma’am I have
She then grabbed my hand for her next plan to around town & skipped in her command
Raced down happily to the sand
I ask if she likes folk
No to long after that we were singing in the woods where it spoke
Our voices broke laughing, singing jokes about the old sailor who smoked
I was jumping in my pants screaming “she likes folk”
We both had fallen asleep next to a big oak tree when we awoke
She had been starring at me for awhile
She then asked if I ever created the energy of love & wishing to use my mind when entering her
This girl needs me to deprive off her
& that I can’t live without her
We ran far far away
Where trees could watch over us
She showed me that I can borne a human being through my gems that I found in my instinct
I thought to myself no matter how your world is & how life treats you
Your mind is your beloved kingdom
You control what you want to come true
We now live in the woods
I built us a house
We live in my beloved kingdom
A family has just started
Something of nothing became everything happily ever after

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