Cornered inside
My outside never replied
I Brushed aside with silence, I tried
This room is misty and has a frightened face
You we’re inside, I left your spirit without a trace
The touch is gone, we couldn’t wait
I’ll hold your hand until the gate or i could wait
The image of you is moving, it’s appearing from your eyes
I don’t know what to do or why
You have me shaking, thinking about how we did it, I ask you why we’ve done it
Everything changes around us and we never will
We grew in such isolation, that was our kill
I was the inside of your world
I never wanted to leave you
From me came down a leaf in the moonlight thats how I knew
You know I don’t like the room
It’s frightening when it moves
Indian summer was our song to finish the gloom
It’s all over now you’ll see soon
I can see that your shocked, don’t let my leaf be dropped
I know it doesn’t make sense, it happened when I first looked at you
I’m gone and this is all I could leave you
I could say sorry but I won’t
We know each other, we’re marooned  
So darling I’ll see you soon, you are me and you will soon see
Don’t ever forget, you will always be in and throughout my head
Someday if your lucky you can die with me, that is if you haven’t lost your key
I could say I miss you but i don’t
I could thank you but I won’t
I see you right now but you don’t

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Isaac Eustice
plus de 6 ans

I like this a lot.
I just left that room.
She's still there.


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