One summer evening we were all gathered by the fire
the female natives relieved us from the night
Holding my hand, kissing my land
Wishing us to retire now from our lives
One instinctively understanding point in time
Perceiving the truth through meditation in that very moment
Seeing real study of brainwork
Disregard the naked breast
put into consideration that they hope you dead
Inducing you with long black silky hair not knowing they derive off male genitalia
What if I can carry logic into another’s mind?
Inferring that her eyes are now black
I would have to think fast
Reflect back through time
Going back to a summer evening
I unravel sacred geometry by a perplexed fire
I wrap it around the female natives
They seem scared though I am pushing the knowing against there heads into the perception of there very own dead
I wish to know everything do you understand?
We’re going on the hunt
Day is coming soon
Gather brothers and sisters
We only have one thing to get us through
Come all, the hunt is on
Grab the natives, weapons, the kids the hunt is on
The mysterious way of living lays upon your very own fascination
Enter the old town you once made love to your female in that ally
we are on the hunt
Jumping through fascinations through fascinations
The hunt is all a fascination

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Joe Marflak
plus de 5 ans

Pretty rad


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