Am I the only adult who becomes uneasy in the darkness?
Not scared because of a childish fear, but uneasy none the less
I don’t fear the monsters or the spectacles of my imagination
I’m tainted by the facts and  autobiographies
I have adult like reasoning
But am I the only one that the dark makes uneasy?
Do you not know?
Am I the one adult who recalls all too well what happens in the darkness?
Isn’t it where you scan endlessly and pointlessly?
In a place that moments before was just a room…or a dark alley
But now will be the place of the scene
The one you can never forget but seems so surreal that it becomes just that…
A scene.
Where you’re looking in on the helpless girl
Watching the innocence forcefully leave
The darkness is suiting now…like in a theatre
But still I’m the only adult that the dark makes uneasy?
Do your eyes not shift quickly trying to find the light like mine?
Watching yet seeing nothing as you grasp at the black surrounding
Isn’t that when the desperation sets in?
When you realize you can’t see an escape
Moving forward and hitting barriers
You can’t see it, but you can feel that you’re cornered
He lets it be known that he’s not done yet
And the darkness plays as his accomplice and best ally
It’s all of our villains’ undeniable tool
And yet I’m the only adult that the dark makes uneasy?
Maybe because I know all too well what happens in the darkness?
It’s not a childish fear…
I have my adult like reasoning

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Mariah Raynal
about 8 years

Great poem. And no, you're not the only one! :)

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Sinethemba Nyawose