Out There:
everything waits.
half lit sheds,
and fields of sheep,
an ambling man,
ripening wheat,
frogs and streams,
toadstool dreams,
a moonless  midnight
poacher’s retreat
A night breeze to make you wish you brought your coat
A sudden noise to make you wish you hadn’t spoke
In Here:
Just one,
regulation stare,
fixed to the face
by electron glare.
Senses removed,
I stand numbed
in inappropriate city shoes.
Hot, annoyed, dreaming of
Out There...
...Don’t go beyond the signal!
We are nothing without our wifis.
We are nothing without our 'things’
We support you, enable you, empower you.
We will devour you...
My waking clickety-clack wish
is to play poker for keeps
in Faraday’s draughty barn
with my phone off
and my luck in.


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