To the ends of the Earth
where the lava
hits the air
raw-earthly habitats
To light the night
If you are lost
I will find you
and a way
to keep you safe
Where the Earth is shipped and used
snorted up noses, fed to roses
fashioned into buildings
Of concrete and glass
I will carry you
For this wide land first
And give you the sustenance
You need
Where the land greets the sea
with silt and sand dropped
bedded by the moon and tide
undressed, drowned,
lonely in the sea
I will lift you
give you ocean breath
and teach you how to swim
For I am the joy
always here
singing from the stars
mended with my kisses
beating with the sun
I’ve seen your dreams and fears
and we know there is nothing
which cannot be overcome

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Robert L. Martin
quasi 5 anni

Very Nice

Mr Moonlight
Mr Moonlight
quasi 5 anni

Thanks Robert!

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