It was going to be a date.
Our second proper date.
As I got into my car,  
I realised I was going to be late.
My thoughts were already scattered.
Because ever since our first meeting,
you already had me flattered.
To me, this was all so very new,
I didn’t want to screw up, I thought I knew what to do,
but I knew deep down that I really haven’t got a clue.
A cup of coffee and a walk by the river.
In a  wonderful city, with a spectacular view.
The night was clear, and the air was cool.
You were using the right words and the right touch.
I knew I was going to enjoy this too much.
I had prepared myself with self talk all week.
This was going to be different.
This was going to be nice.
We continued to talk, we laughed and joked.
My mind began to wonder, what the end of the night would bring?
You tried to look into my eyes, because you just wanted to see,
but I had looked away, that intensity is still too soon for me.
Although it was feeling sweet, it was beginning to feel real.
With a simple, gentle kiss to my forehead, as though to seal the deal.
It left me thinking, ‘now what am I supposed to do?’
So back to your place, we went, so you could show me your view.
Our story was not that different, nor did it end true.
And I know now it is likely, that I will not hear from you.
I surrendered to the game.
That same, lame game.
I know deep down, that I am likely the only one to blame.
To change my ways, I must try harder!
As this is another lesson to me that remains unlearnt.
A lesson that I must learn, because until the day I do,
I will continue to fall, I will continue to be burnt.


Something still needs fixing here....(apart from me haha)

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