a fire in my heart
haiku 7-7s haiku

a rouge rose
             a fire in my heart
cheek to cheek dancing
puppy love infatuation
has grown twice forty
dreamers we were riding high
dreamers lovers we remain
always hungry for your love
for you a long stem rouge rose
happy we can be romancing
again to next twice forty
a blush on your cheek again
a smile on Valentine’s Day
I love you my love
a kiss you give keeps aglow
the fire in my heart
Photo:Jess Gopez pen and ink drawing
Video: Acappella “Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin’”. 2:47 minutes

A Valentine’s Celebration for more to come!
Poem inspired by Jess Gopez, a Tau Alpha Brod, from his rouge rose pen and ink drawing. shared with me a day before.

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Charlotte B. Williams
4 meses

Very Nice. Enjoyed this very sweet poem.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
4 meses

Thank you for liking Charlotte.
Always nice hearing from you.
Your love poems are endearing and affectionate warm and caring to read I enjoy as well.

Robert L. Martin
4 meses

Nice Valentine's Day poem. I have to show it to my Linda.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
4 meses

Thank you very much Robert. I hope Linda likes it
Happy post Valentine’s to Linda and you.

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