Zoom Dinner

...parsley sage rosemary and thyme...

Zoom Dinner
           ...parsley sage rosemary and thyme..,
Tonight’s dinner a passion a work of art
  A fine art that is framed four sides with love and a kiss
A virtual creation conceived a good time following
  The last brush strokes of like art coast to coast apart
Not distant neither from the canvas of nature’s garden offerings
  Nor from the sacrificial benevolence of an innocent life specie
That had joined us not on its own free will
  A life celebrated we offered it a spiritual presence
We celebrate life’s sustaining natural gifts
  A goat horn of abundance
Indulge in all the goodness they give To support our continued pursuit of happiness
  Passion given passion taken in spirit in divinity in joyful relationship
Oblivious still to the hurt endured by the environment they inhabit
  The habitat that once we shared with all beings
The innocent life species alike foliage the fauna and flora
  From the one home we know the planet paradise earth
One solar nature our divine connection with the celestial gardens
  Of galaxies and universes in the expanding space of darkness
Beyond beautiful into the deep corner where light resides
  A fire shared in the kitchens of all cosmos
In the dinning tables of all the
worlds of the celestial seven skies
The sweetness of love tendered in every dish seasoning
  Stirred in the broth of slow simmering mix of tender loving care
Across the land from the sun rising to the sun setting
  We come together zoom in our collective passion for sustenance
Spread prepare sharpen the knives one more time
  Cut into the protective layers of the fruits of the earth
A whisper fragrance slowly mixes the cool air
  Of the living space carried yonder into the outer landscape
Breezes into the woods above the canopies
  Wind dances into sky across the land the meadows
By the rivers over the ridges... into a home... into the kitchen
  Mixes with the perfume of simmering parsley sage rosemary and thyme
A happy voice smiling face flashed on the screen
  Hey Mom we’re ready
A celebration of life a providence begins
  A dining with love a zoom dinner pandemic time
Photo:ndrZoom Dinner
Video: tuotilo Scarborough Fair, 4+ minutes YouTube

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