Warts and All

Apple Pie Innocence
           Warts and All
A calendar filled with abandon joy holidays
Fun with the fullness of life triumphant music
Drum and bugle parades dances mascaras
And caricatures of the famous and infamous
An apple pie innocence celebration of a town fair
A time and a world that rode on a Ferris wheel
From the virginal innocence of Adam and Eve
To a virtuous elevated place above
A world of greed sanctioned by Satan
Slithered filled the garden with hatred
Beyond the seven original sins
Sprung open the Pandora’s jar
To destroy take down kill poison
With all the devil’s hell arsenal
The seven virtues and the trinity
Of faith hope and love virtuous pillars
Cardinals they are to the promised land
The apple consumed opened the door
To a world of compassion for all the Babylon gaiety
Of the gods and goddesses lusts that were the norm behind doors
Unperturbed serene and tranquil the  goodness
Of humanity remains whole safe in the keep
Shamed and banished from the garden Eve’s
Children redeemed thrived imperfections even so
Blossomed matured for the better or worse upon them
The virtuous life beyond the apple pie innocence
Asked for the strawberry and blueberry pies a la mode
Photo: Pinterest
Video: Coney Island 1950, 9 min.

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Nelson D Reyes
22 giorni

Thank you Jenifer for fave and love.

Robert L. Martin
circa un mese

And so the good put on the boxing gloves and entered the ring against the evil

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
circa un mese

As it happens as sure as the sun sets and rises. The world keeps turning round and round and round. And we keep on rowing our boat, our life down the stream of hope like a river flowing into the sea that never fills. Ever wanting our strawberry and blueberry pies a la mode. The good life. Saint Michael and the Dragon. The good gloves against the evil gloves, as you said.

Thanks Robert. Insightful.

Charlotte B. Williams
circa un mese

Yes a lot happened in that garden for sure. Love the video. We used to go on Bus trips to
Coney Island when I was a kid. loved it. Those good old days were more the days of
Apple Pie Innocence.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
circa un mese

I am happy it brought you back even for a little bit to your day of Innocence. I thought Coney Island is that perfect place and time in the ‘50s.
Thanks for liking Charlotte .

circa un mese

Amazing poem Brod.

Let me have some strawberry ala mode. None of that apple pie for me. Fir the apple after all is the source of our common misfortunes


Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
circa un mese

Exactly. Glad you liked. Thanks Brod.

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