The Earthworms Appear

Cold Moons
         The Earthworms Appear
And now I see golden leaves of harvest moon
Streaked with crimson pale greenish bright yellow
The play of colors as the sun rises and the sun sets
Arching bowing south cold moons not far behind
The grayish sky cutting a thin line silver gleam
To an emerald pinkish seemingly calm sea
A cooling backstage curtain closed prelude
Heralding a dark season to come to prepare for
To a long third act tying together a wholesale mess
Debris cleaning of the mind put back lives upended
By the sweet looking beast-hiding puffy cloud vortices
That sashayed through the paradise warm waters of the seas
A gathering intermission of sustaining warmth
Like kindred love of the clustering naked emperors
Facing a crisis from the coming blustering winter gales
Scenes now not unique outside their home Antarctica
An audacious one act play with multi-sub-acts humans
Build houses abodes with views of their souls’ desires
A nest like a robin’s built with love and layer protected
Carefully thought out against unforeseen events
Ah... how humans build... caves like nests... nests like castles
Rock solid foundations squatter on piers sans irons even
Peacock wing glass facades rainbow ceramic brick walls
Testaments to long held beliefs a far cry from earthworm’s burrows
Much as God gave birth to bountiful fauna and flora
Canopied with sun seeking forests Earth abounds with joy
Benevolent God’s gifts exceedingly generous to all beings
Alas... the forces of nature are part of God’s creation as well
A bond once again is upon us this coming cold moons
As we look straight to the howling winds pliant trees we see
A moment of hope we grasp that we remain resilient also
Through it all till the Earth tilts again and the joyful earthworms appear
...Once more
                                         * * *
Photo:Public Domain - a pair of loving earthworms, a picture of joy as they emerged from their abode upon the first whiff of fresh spring air when all the cold moons are gone.
Video: ndr Fly me to the Moon/guitar Vadim

We are in the middle of an intense 2017 hurricane season just as the fall equinox is upon us and the Season of Joy on the flip side of the Halloween. And yes, Winter Solstice is harking back as well. Quite a difficult Autumn of 2017 to say the least - hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes. It wouldn't be too much to ask and not a bit too soon that we see the Earthworms appear...again.

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Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

Hi Nelson. I don't know why the new ones aren't posted. I usually write one a day. Maybe if you clicked on "poets" at the top of the page then found me under M for Martin. I posted over a thousand poems. Robert.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Thanks Robert. I will access it though the home page and click "poets" and Martin.

Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

I just posted a poem on Poeticous about the crazy weather called "The Great Revolt." You gave me the inspiration to do it.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Hi Robert, I tried to access your poem "The Great Revolt" a few times from your page but I didn't find it. This is the 2nd time it happened - prior to this was my unsuccessful attempt to access your recent work previous to this poem. Also I am not getting a notice of new postings by you like I do from JACrowder or Vic, e.g. I am excited as ever to read your work esp. your new poems/verses. I'll check your page again. I am humbled that I had inspired you. Thank you for appreciating my work.

Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

We sure ave had some crazy weather alright. I like the way you described it.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Thank you that you like it Robert. That's something isn't it? A lot of weather and flooding records had been broken. Again I hope that we always see Earthworms joyfully coming out of their abodes early air of spring.

about 3 years

A hopeful poem, one we really need these days. I like it!

With hurricanes and earthquakes happening frequently there are some who look at the predictions of a certain David Meade that the end times are upon us. Among his claims: On Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, a constellation — a signprophesied in the Book of Revelation — will reveal itself in the skies over Jerusalem, signaling the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Meade believes that by the end of October, the world may enter what’s calleda seven-year tribulation period, a fairly widespread evangelical belief that for seven years, catastrophic events will befall Earth.

All I can say - I hope not.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Thanks for liking Brod.
Although I believe in "living in the moment", literally breathing in one moment and breathing out the next, I have plans for the next ten years or so. And that's a lot of moments! And you're right, this poem is all about hope. Like you, I hope the "moments" will be there for all beings on this planet Earth this coming weekend and for all eternity.

Scary times these days and current events not taken lightly. But on the light side: Apple had a "revelation" a few days ago, among others, iPhone X, not Planet X, is coming to Earth soon for $1K a pop! Ouch! Dat's a huuuge dent! :-))
Thanks again Brod.

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