A Portal of Graces

Brother Argonaut

Poem is a broad brush strokes re. the certainty of death, our mortality, us haunted by it. I feel that acceptance in times of death is the only way we can truly be at peace in returning our beloved’s soul to our Creator and thus giving the peace our departed loved one deserves.

A Portal Of Graces

          Brother Argonaut

Death comes along with certainty
Not anyone in this room or anywhere
Can escape this reality with impunity
As sure as life begins twin death is there

A sad day for us all the loss of a beloved person
Life we took always there the smiles upon us graced
But no not his love his whole life to us he’d shown
The kindred whole hearted connection he’d embraced

Death yes is life’s twin
Like a fork in the road ahead
Both will remain a twain
Life’s portal more than ever is led

Solace we get from family and friends
In times of deep distress this loss has turned
Binds us together evermore as we grief and
Accept the Graces of life given us in death we returned

. . .

Argonaut Alphan Sail On dear Brother
The seven seas and four winds in Argo shields
A grander time with our Brothers
Awaits you with Jason in Elysian Fields

                             . . .


Poem written in celebration of the life of a departed Fraternity Brother who passed on a few days ago. Not a portrait of any facet of his life as I did not know him intimately but as a Brother who wishes him peace forever more.

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