Dancing With The Seagulls
Luxuriant foliage of green near and far
Trees reaching up to the bright light
Canopies shade the brush and ferns
Youth stretches up from slumber
Wide open arms also rises to the sun
Flies over to the beaches edge among
The seagulls and the pelicans on the water.
Summer is born!
Lo! Dark clouds gather kindle
Sparks heard across the long shadows
To the canyons inland as the sun is sinking
In subdued orange glow glistening
The water fading into new moon sheen.
The  leaves begin to fall a potpourri of prism
Colors cover the ground in thick layers
Beneath the naked trees rustle sounds
As creatures and critters seek food and shelter.
Autumn masquerades!
Youth also rises to the sun wide open arms
Flies over the beaches edge among the seagulls.
We will frolic in the white bitter cold
In awe of the sculptural majestic snow
Ice droplets cradled by pines and
Layered on naked branches and twigs
Showered with sunlight slow dripping to icicles.
We will curse the brutal ice lurking under
The hardening once fine gorgeous soft snow.
The heavy water laden gravity seeker kind
That takes the cradler down to the ground.
Winter wonder chills!
Youth also rises to the sun wide open arms
Flies over the beaches edge among the seagulls.
Hey, that is a reddish chested bird just flew over me!
Red checkered breast pecker pecking the naked tree!
Bluejays humming along yellow feathers tweeting too!
Peter, peter, hooting, peter, hooting, hooting hoot!
Song birds feasting all over all around the earthy smell
From the canopies and the leaves covered ground
Creatures and critters out frolicking chasing
Shadows none in sight as the sun spreads the light.
Muses of Spring!
Youth also rises to the sun wide open arms
Flies over the beaches edge dancing with the seagulls.
©NDR 6.22.2016

The Summer Solstice the other day inspired this poem, my seasons'
Vivaldi. It has a Maurice Ravel "Bolero" snare drum piece but in a very
abbreviated fashion ending with the title of the poem, rather softly not
with a bang as did Ravel's. It's a sketch one of many about the earth
dancing with the sun like Bolero's repetitive but pleasurable and relaxing
single movement woven in and out by various instruments.

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Charlotte B. Williams
casi 5 años

Life, nature, and all God's creatures are very beautiful.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
casi 5 años

Isn't that the truth. And we all see truth in nature, that makes it the more beautiful!

casi 5 años

"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring." ~ George Santayana

Beautiful poem. Excellent imagery. Vocabulary is top-notch

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
casi 5 años

Thank you Brod. Thought you'd like this one.

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