a resurrection
The loving was consummated
A moment of joy you were born
Just as when you were conceived
  love was there
A new life from a mother’s
  nurturing womb
You let out a primal scream
Cried out at the top of your voice
The spirit of life
Then shrieked raised your voice
  a second time
A note higher for life after death
Be known you acknowledged
The second coming a glorious
  one transitioned by death
A seat in the waiting lobby
  awaits you from your life’s
Your loving of earthly everyday
  chores kept you grounded
With your family and friends and
  in the community
In your life’s calling
In your beloved extended family
The Tau Alpha Fraternity
You gave all you can give
  to all who touched you
Reciprocated with love at all
  times wholeheartedly
A kind loving soul you were
With your name in cartouche
A turn to step over the threshold
  guaranteed in the scroll
Ensuring a  new beginning
The continuing flight of a soul
  naked now... this time
From your mortal material body
  is once more released
  into the air
A life force
That becomes one with the wind
The breath of a new life
A seeking of a new abode
Into an incarnation ever
From the primal scream love
  a life masterly consummated
From a second shrieking cry
  comes a resurrection at hand
  rewarded by
We love you Brod Buddy.
Photo:ndr Yosemite

Read at a Celebration of Life for a Tau Aloha Fraternity Brother, May 5, 2021.

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