Diamond Ring Plasma

A Celestial Joy Ever

Diamond Ring Plasma
             A Celestial Joy Ever
Earth’s atmosphere changing different ways
Seasonal temperature surges plunges sustained
World climate warming life species perplexed
Increased incidences of catastrophic tornadoes storms
Species extinction now sixth said abnormal high rate
Trace evidence not anywhere in four plus billion years
Could be that the Earth’s polarity currently slowly
Processing the reversal started million years ago
That the Sun is weakening plasmas escape at will
Spewing out to vast distances beyond its sphere
That cosmic solar winds one day could collapse fry
Earth’s magnetic fields before a protective shield is set
A cosmic paradox a universal feasting of birth and death
Life source solar wind plasmas Chaos spread at the Big Bang
Seeded incubated a gift splendor a peacock plume sky was cast
A canopy where Selene silhouetted Sun God Helios eons repeated
Alas the rogue Sun plasmas like the Charioteer’s four horses prancing
Again “blazing burning turning the sky a fiery” Reaper Tartarus field
Earth and the eight siblings await the galactic plasma apocalypse
As millions of black holes orbit around condor like in Milky Way
A dark path indeed yet ever surviving Earth’s immortal souls flew out
From the bowels of the vacuum hole reincarnated in a parallel galaxy
A life sprouting oasis of Earth species a festival an endless celestial joy
Ever as the Moon again engulfs Sun diamonds spark shadows Earth
All Cosmos is singing
In concert a New Earth rejoices
As the New Sun emerges...
Life once more affirmed... a Providence Plan
“...from everlasting to everlasting...”
                                              * * *
Photo: NDR 10:06 AM August 21, 2017 taken from the side yard of our house in Laguna Woods, CA
Moon diamond rings over Earth - third poem about The Great American Eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017.

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