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            Then the heat goes down warm
Through a canopy to silky laced trunk
A perceptible breeze pulled down
Pinkish red a lonely petal flower
From the blooming cluster crown
             Abandoned by the sun
Caressed by the gentle wind
Into the cool pond of tenderness
Tiptoeing moonbeams touching
The soft reflected fleshy fringes
              Summer’s hump is upon us
Lush green soon’d be red and golden
A simulacrum of love’s forbidden fruit
Hidden a delicately furled pink rose
Waiting passion surrendered absolute
               Immersed deep a dreamlike longing
Drown in a fiery indulgent Bacchus offering
Entwined touch me more sans satiety
Lost in the full senses of sweet sensual frenzy
Deep breaths held let go in Ambrosial ecstasies
                                * * *
Photo: ndr Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University, Durham NC

Poem inspired by Jenifer A Crowder’s “Consumed”.

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