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Can’t wait to own the latest upgrade
Of the iPad everybody says was great
Buy one smartphone get two free
Contract data plan unlimited two-year only
Your clothes closet busting at the seams
Not a space for new ones hardly it seems
Racks of shoes and boots you bought
Style you have time to wear you thought
The four walls in your room hung the glitzy
Street art frames gallery posters all kitschy
So much of your soul exhibited abundantly
In extravagance with naked sentimentality
Got up in the morning escape to a routine    triple shot of espresso
You cap the night with vanilla ice cream over ganache cake cocoa
The sweet life now near its end
Things taken for granted
Now precious are not to bend
Wispy clouds cool full moon nights
Blue sky not a speck of cloud days
Day trips to heaven are delights
A night’s stay in the garden of Eden
Enjoying new songs from tiny birds
Flight lessons from butterflies beholden
Sugar on your blueberry pie butter over bacon crisps
Ah the sweet life you wish would never end now is near
Extravagances you thought were after all are not kitsch
You learn to sit still when to run from a cottontail
Listen to load calls of blackbirds now are tender songs of life
You put ketchup on your ketchup and laugh and laugh you prevail
                         * * *
NDR (c) 4.11.2018
Photo: Public Domain

Nature is full of extravagance, whimsical poetical burlesque exhibitions of all life in all forms and state in the Universe not the least the glorious tapestry of paradise and its parodies spread before us on planet Earth, and the respect we give each other’s enjoyment. A little bit more time we hope to continue this - a delay in our departure is most welcome.

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